Thursday, July 20, 2017

Soybean Aphid Speed Scouting: An option for people who don't like to count aphids

With the focus on soybean aphid scouting, I still like to promote the scouting procedure called “Speed Scouting”. The method speeds up making decisions on whether to treat or not based on the aphid’s population distribution in the field when the treatment threshold of 250 aphids per plant and 80% of the plants with these levels is reached. 

A review of the biology and economics behind soybean aphid insecticide recommendations

As farmers and their advisers begin to make soybean aphid decisions for their fields, the timing is right for a fact-based review of what is known about soybean aphid, their effect on yield, and cost-effective management of this pest. 

Soybean Aphid in Red River Valley fields are increasing - Fields at threshold levels being reported

Soybean aphid populations have been increasing and fields with threshold level infestations are being treated. Populations in Northwest Minnesota are greatest in the counties of Norman and Polk, MN and in Grand Forks and Walsh counties of ND. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Meet the newest member of the Extension crops team

On June 30 Angie Peltier joined the University of Minnesota as an Extension educator focusing on crops. She is housed at the Northwestern Regional Extension Office in Crookston and her research and education efforts are to focus on corn and soybean. 

While Angie was born, raised and educated in Wisconsin, she most recently spent close to 6 years as a crops educator working for the University of Illinois Extension at the Northwestern Illinois Ag R&D Center in Monmouth. There her research focus was corn and soybean disease management. 

Angie looks forward to both meeting corn and soybean farmers and other agricultural professionals in Northwestern Minnesota and learning more about their most pressing research and educational needs.

Angie can be reached by mail, phone or email:

Extension Regional Office, Crookston
510 County Road 71, Suite 119
Crookston, MN 56716

Phone: (218) 281-8027

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Small Grain Crop Survey Updates

The newest small grain scouting maps are posted on line.



Commentary: Small Grains Disease Update 06/19/2017 
                       Dr. Madeleine Smith, Plant Pathologist 

In many areas applications are now being made for late season leaf disease, and Fusarium head blight. 

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