Monday, June 8, 2015

When is it too Windy to Spray?

by David Nicolai & Lizabeth Stahl, Extension Educators - Crops and Dr. Dean Herzfeld, coordinator, Pesticide Safety & Enviromental Education

The corn and soybean post-emergence crop protection application season is here. Corn & soybean growers will target post-emergence herbicide applications by the V4 growth stage in soybeans and the four leaf stage in corn to limit yield reductions due to weed competition. Targeting applications by these crop stages will also help ensure applications are made before weeds exceed three to four inches in height, which is the maximum height on many herbicide labels for most effective control. 

Postemergence Weed Control Strategies in Sugarbeet

Tom Peters, Extension Sugarbeet Agronomist, Univ of Minnesota / North Dakota State University

Sugarbeet are actively growing following ample precipitation the past three weeks and finally some sun and heat. Unfortunately for Farmers, so are the weeds. Farmers should be scouting their fields and preparing for postemergence weed control. With this in mind, I offer the following suggestions: